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Transfiguration Sunday

When Moses came down from the mountain after his encounter with God he was beaming, or as our text for Sunday puts it, the skin of his face shone. Have you ever felt yourself beam after an encounter with God?  Have you ever had a spiritual experience after which you felt like you were radiating God’s glory?  I’ve left worship feeling that way.  I’ve witnessed youth who beamed after a spiritual experience on a retreat.  I’ve witnessed people whose face radiated God’s light and love on their death beds.

Moses’ encounter with God reaffirms two beliefs.  First, it reaffirms our belief that we can experience God, we can know God as human beings, even if it is knowing God in a limited way.  Secondly, Moses’ story reaffirms the belief that we can reflect God, or God’s light (or divine energeiai as Eastern theologian Gregory Palamas would say) to others and to the world.

But, Moses’ story also teaches us that in order for these things to occur (experiencing God and reflecting God) we must seek God.  We must climb the mountain.  We must go to God in prayer.  We must seek our Creator’s light, and presence, and divine energeiai. Also, as we seek God, we must do so willing to be changed, willing to be transfigured (this is Transfiguration Sunday), willing to be molded into the vessel God intends us to be.

Transfiguration is the last Sunday before Lent begins.  It is a good Sunday to be reminded that we must seek God in order to know God.  Lent is an opportunity.  It is consecrated time, or time set apart, to get to know God again, to bring God close.  During the season of Lent we Christians go on a pilgrimage with Jesus, seeking God in all that we do.  I pray that we might all know God this Lent so that we might better reflect God’s love, glory, light to the world.

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