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Genesis 29

The real love story is not between Jacob and Rachel.  The real love is God’s love for Leah.  God loved her in her suffering (32).  God loved her when she was despised and degraded (33).  God loved her even when her husband wouldn’t (34).  So, Leah gives up on her husband’s love and returns God’s (35).

Tich Nhat Hanh often reminds us that we all suffer.  We all have a little suffering child inside us who longs to be loved.  We all have a despised child inside us who needs our care.  We all have a loveless child inside us who needs our gentle touch.  God loves this little child in each of us.  And we can be God’s love to suffering, degraded and forgotten children. Some of them live in our homes, inside our spouse or our children, our parents, our brothers and sisters.  Some of them live a little further away in our churches and communities. Some of them live in far off lands.  We can love them with God’s love.  This is a love story worth telling.



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